RBP Boy Dak's Gamefarm

Welcome to RBP Boy Dak's Gamefarm of Counc. Randolph Plaza – 2011 National BAKBAKAN 11 Stag Derby Champion


Councilor Randolph Plaza had the childhood of every cocker’s dream. His grandfather, D.O. Plaza, was a man of distinction in the cockfighting industry and known to have had the best bloodlines in the Philippines during his time. Randolph clearly adores his grandfather and has fond memories of him. “The things that he had achieved in cockfighting cannot be duplicated by any cocker today. In his heydays, he could win six to eight championships a month. Cockers then could truly dominate the fights. These days nobody can do that anymore.”

Needless to say, Randolph’s own passion for gamefowl started by way of his late grandfather D.O. Plaza, his father, Democrito, and three uncles.  However the death of his father caused him to have a change of heart about the sport he grew up with, but his uncle, Governor Eddie Bing Plaza sought to prevent him from doing anything drastic telling his disheartened nephew that for as long as he stayed with it, Randolph could leave the rest up to him. With this unflagging show of support and encouragement, Randolph continued his ancestors’ legacy of cock breeding once more.

Now his farm churns out about six hundred (600) heads every season all for his own use but started selling last year after realizing he needed to share that with other people who might like what he had on his farm. And those interested would be pleased to know that Randolph also manages his dad’s old farm. “I used to call it RBP Farm then after I started managing my dad’s farm I renamed it RBP Boy Daks Gamefarm. Boy Daks-that’s my dad’s name,” he said. The seven-hectare farm is located a twenty-nine hectare expanse in Butuan City.

After winning last years’ 2011 NATIONAL BAKBAKAN 11 STAG DERBY, which he considers the best in his illustrious career as a gamefowl breeder, he now set sights on moving on and maintaining the best fighting cocks and hoping to have a shot in the WORLD SLASHER CUP.